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Flowers on Loan: music from the 2017 west coast tour

by Flowers on Loan

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Blueberry 04:30
The water's so cold it turned us blue Blueberry raking with one pink shoe John Boye Norman Abbey Rockhead black bear and me To Alma we went and tore it up Woke up in a ditch with that old clown
'84 03:56
When I leave my home When I leave my home I was born in '84 and I'm still not out the door When I leave my home When I leave my home It's harder than it seems Out there will make you scream Sometimes it makes me !!! The dogs will give you fleas Jet planes buzz by my head and lunch it's just not cheap and my mouth forgets to speak Please help I can't get out I'm not just here to pout 1983, you're still not old to me When I leave my home When I leave my home
My House 04:09
My house went to the dump Stacked on top of the pile My mind went to the beach and laid out on the sand My friend is really cool You def have to meet him in some grass-filled parking lot or something! My yard went to the store and filled up all the way My yard it went again But stopped right in the lane My fam is really cool, you def have to meet them! My head went to the store Piled up on the stack My end went to the mine and wrote right out in stops: "Cool really is that cool! Cooler and cool!" (and some frosted plastic cooler sits up in the trunk) My door went away It shut right in your face My phone called you again cus it can't get enough My girlfriend's really cool You def have to meet her in cold blue or red hot, whatever If you had a good time, last night lives in your heart Will the game stay and come around, again and again? No one can say but my guess is totally. Will your radio turn up any louder? I want to feel the bass raaaattling me everywhere Building blocks for being young stacking up stacking up stacking up stacking up Legos in the real world
I Apologize 00:57
I apologize for talking so much talking too much talking so much I always talk too much I apologize for being so big being too big being so big I didn't mean to be so big I apologize for looking at you it didn't seem like you want me to I didn't know it was you I apologize for driving so slow in the left lane so slow I'm not from here at all I apologize for telling half the truth telling half of what I owed to you I didn't know what was true I didn't know where you end and where I begin
I drove endlessly across the bridge to your side is so clean so green I drove across the bridge to your side I thought endlessly about the trip and the most direct street Which direction will be the quickest? I studied maps I looked up closely All along the way, I'll imagine what it looks like. I'll imagine what it sounds like. I'll imagine what it feels like. Full spectrum in vivid color, stereo all around. I will be fully transported and probably totally turned around, full flip turn around when I get there. I rushed so quickly I took the fastest line with no problem at all Traffic - none to get caught and lost in! I trickled straight down just like water
I'm a mountain in my head a lonely mountain dressed in fallow fields with dead and heavy yields and nothing left to feel but joy God's a garden in my head a ripe and dizzy friend to me helps me bury what I need helps me fall so fast asleep helps me find just what I'm digging for Time's a banquet in my head a dirty table always set for two set for me not you always set for me alone and me alone Time's a mountain in my head I'm already dead
Snowmobiling 02:32
Snowmobiling! Snowmobiling! Freedom sledders! Snowmobiling! Freedom sledders! Freedom sledders! When the snow is white gold and the trails are so cold don't beware the death toll brisk ice frost bite here we go
the minister's face is tall and dark the blue lights flicker and here we are the beer is frozen the fire's dim step into the river the ice is thin the wind on the valley blows hard and fast we'll never make it we'll never last the union gave into Alberta we come everyone leaves this town is dumb the minister's face is tall and dark stare up at the cliffs from this meh park
My Head 02:14
I make my head as we sit here we sit still here making our heads here we our heads are blank white sign no sign you signal none sign now no one no none no signing no sign we sit you sleep in my head I make my sign


Words from Jesse:

"2017-- Logan has been planning a west coast tour for a few months without knowing exactly who the band will be. This is Logan’s practice at the time. A headlong rush into making music with the materials and people at hand. It’s the day after I graduated from CalArts. I’m in a weird headspace-- I’ve been obsessing about music for the last 2 years, and I can’t really tell which way is up anymore. I’m filled with anxiety about every element of life. Logan and I rent a van, load it with the floral pump-organ cover Jessica sewed for us, and drive up to the Bay. I meet Owen for the first time. He’s very reserved and gentle, but not at all a pushover. We have no idea what music we’re going to play, and we have a gig the next day in Oakland. We teach each other songs we’ve written for other projects. It’s nice and a bit disorienting. We mold the set as we loose money at DIY show after DIY show up the west coast. In Canada, we play for 6 ppl after convincing the border guard that we were there to visit friends-- not far off. Along the way Owen clicks photos with his old (heavy?) camera, and I feel mostly sheepish when he does. A couple years later, Logan paints on top of the photos. On the way back to LA we record our set with Bly Wallantine at Studio Dada in Provo. Logan agonizes over mixing it for a couple years and finally passes it off to Luke Williams who fixes/glazes it.

It’s nice to try to write some memories from that time. 3 years have never felt so long. Here in 2020 my dad’s in the hospital getting chemo, the world’s closed down, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to go home to LA, let alone to travel for music. That tour felt like the beginning of something at the time. A pushing off from school into a world of chance and music and driving and confusing possibility. From here, it looks more like an island, a confluence of naivity and energy that led to nowhere concrete. Listening to the album we made, I do feel that surpises are possible, and that things can change."

Words from Logan:

Jesse & I live in LA & Owen lived in San Francisco at the time. So in a coordinated effort to play music together, we set up a DIY tour, each brought our own songs, got together in the Bay Area to rehearse for a few days, headed north, camped in Gualala, performed and tweaked the songs over the next two weeks, traveled up to the northwest, hopped the border to Vancouver, drove east through Idaho, and down through Utah where we recorded these songs in Provo with Bly Wallentine at Studio Studio Dada, and ended up back in Los Angeles. Jesse read a lot, Owen took many pictures, and I stayed up too late most nights.

Much love and thanks to all the freakin lovely friends that hosted us, set up shows, played with us, listened to us. Also to Juliet for the mind blowing chili oil and good times. And to Luke and Bly for their magic sound contributions.

Of the many pictures that Owen took, I later painted them. You can view them at loganhone.com/flowersonloan.html


released April 2, 2020

featuring the songs & sounds of:
Owen Stewart-Robertson: singing, playing guitar, composed tracks 1, 2, 8, 9, 10
Jesse Q-T: singing, playing drums & pump organ, composed tracks 2, 4, 7
Logan Hone: singing, playing saxophone & pump organ, overdubbed bass & keyboard, composed tracks 3 & 5

guest vocals on "I Drove Endlessly" by Taylor Thompson

Recorded by Bly Wallentine
Mixed by Logan and Luke Williams
Glazed by Luke


all rights reserved



Logan Hone Los Angeles, California

music lover, multi-instrumentalist, community band director


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