Variety Show

by Logan Hone

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I Miss You 03:14
My life has been blurring and time has stopped moving I guess I can say I miss you and time without you is different I know I'm not perfect But will you accept me for who I am? Because I got you My room is a blanket covering me I never spent so much time in there And I don't want to be there anymore I guess I can say I miss you
My House 06:38
My house went to the dump Stacked on top of the pile My mind went to the beach Laid out on the sand My friend is really cool, you def have to meet him in some grass filled parking lot or something My yard went to the store Filled up all the way My road went to the end Stopped right in the lane My fam is really cool, you def have to meet them My head went to the store Piled up on the stack My end went to the mine Wrote right on in stops Cool really is that cool, cooler and cool And some plastic frosted cooler sits up in the trunk My door went away Shut right in your face My phone called you again It can't get enough My girlfriend's really cool, you def have to meet her In cold blue or red hot, whatever! My life had a good time Ignored most everything Days seem a little long When night gets pushed back an hour If you had a good time Last night lives in your heart Will the game stay and come around again and again? Noone can say but my guess is totally Will your radio turn up any louder? I want to feel the bass rattling me everywhere Building blocks for being young Stacking up Stacking up Legos in the real world
A most melancholy morning cut and pasted on the mirror With fog (or steam) frosting on the grass: one hundred scenes of you at least A most melancholy morning written on the screen A night nestled in between stars a few miles apart I went once a few years ago I enjoyed myself The runners were passing, bringing, screaming, and never racing, hiding in the sidewalk or lost in the street 1 2 3 Stranger gets stranger every day Stranger than fiction can only be nonfiction What's inside your vision? Perception in collision Burners keep the food hot and cloths keep the table clean Cups hold the cold water and I feel like I was mean I didn't hold on I didn't listen
I got your number from the phone book I got your number from the internet I got your number from a friend I got your number from you Do you remember? I was in a red shirt with black pants and blue shoes and green socks I was basically Christmas with a touch of deep ocean And the response: Winning isn't all that important to me anymore now that I'm a winner And losing isn't all that important to me anymore now that I'm a winner Remembering your name has always been important to me. I'm sorry that I couldn't do that It's not cus I'm not interested It's not cus I don't think you're cool. I really think you're cool it's just I'm really bad with names
The Wind 04:22 video
I was thinking about you today That is usual, most days start that way Whichever way you pull me, I will not cry Whenever days come with you, I will arrive I heard someone say "a heart can't feel" But this love is no costume, I swear this is the real deal Whichever way you pull me, I will not cry Whenever days come with you, I will arrive Your face with mine feels like the wind blowing the sails and you know that's good Whichever way you pull me, I will not cry Whenever days come with you, I will arrive
DNA 04:41
A big box of cardboard with foam A black bag is holding toys A full heart is holding love A red couch is holding A tall shelf is holding records A cabinet is holding food A mirror is sharing you A pillow is holding a head A suitcase is carrying clothes A toothbrush is holding paste A full cup is holding water A cable is holding power A jacket is holding me A record is holding memories What did I say? Did I say a pen is holding potential? A tree is holding leaves A bird is holding worms A cart is holding wheels A window is holding views A carrot is holding vitamins A cell phone is holding contacts A nail is holding art A lamp is holding light A theater is holding plays A puppet is held up right A concert is holding music A desert is holding space A beach is holding sand A mountain's holding a land A chord is holding harmony A note is holding overtones A hair is holding DNA A mom is holding a child A dad is trying to hold it together
Post-That 01:05
We Met 02:12
We met two years ago and ever since I've loved you We met in a parking lot and that's when I loved you We met in the summer time and that's when I loved you
P.A.R. 00:51
Winter's hard when there's noone turning in The ceiling's down I'm burning inside my house even when it's cold and my socks are off I've come up with an answer I've grown up with a reason to live I've believed every story Anyone can see how the outcome should be Friends go out and I stay in Lights turn off but I stay in Sheets roll out but I stay in and winds come up and I stay in
Late night hanging out Early morning: not the easiest time to wake up You're great, so cool I want to spend all my time with you Get in the car we're in going away Don't slam the door I'm going away with you All day, all night I'm living in some version of the same dream Every night it seems I dream of you Or another version of you


released June 14, 2016

Logan Hone: vocals, soprano and alto saxophones, drums, guitars, programming, drum machine, keyboard, organ, fretless banjo, piano, guitar bass, hand bells, personal fan, clapping, metronomes, field recordings
Luke Williams: synth bass, synths, drum machine, mixing on tracks 3, 6, and 10
Alex Wand helped record track 4

All songs written by Logan Hone
Recorded in 2015 and 2016
Mastered by Luke Williams
Artwork by Jessica Li

Wellness Association of Los Angeles
WALA 007

Here is a pdf file of sheet music & lyrics from this album:

CD run #2 is OUT OF PRINT. Hopefully another run someday...


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Logan Hone Los Angeles, California

music lover
community band director
music teacher

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